A sworn (certified) translation

Sworn (certified) translation is prepared by a sworn (certified) translator. It is a person of public trust authorised to:

  • draw up and certify translations from a foreign language to Polish and from Polish to the foreign language; to verify and certify translations in this scope prepared by other persons;
  • draw up certified copies of documents in a foreign language, verify and authenticate copies of documents in a foreign language by other persons;
  • interpret (orally),

This profession is regulated by the Act of 25 November 2004 on Polish sworn translators and interpreters and a regulation of the Minister of Justice of 24 January 2005 on remuneration for the services of a sworn translator and interpreter (Journal of Laws,  Dz. U. of 26 January 2005).

The translator prepares translation on paper with a stamp and a signature. It is necessary to mention in the note if the translation has been prepared from the original document or it’s scan or a copy. It is also possible to prepare translation with electronic signature.

According to the regulation of the Minister of Justice, one page of sworn translation is 1125 characters with spaces.

How to order the translation?

To order the translation, you can simply send a scan by email. I will provide the estimated price and time. In case of translation from the original it is necessary to present it when collecting the translation. In case of translation from a copy, I can send the translation by post or a courier.


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